Our journey has always been about the pursuit of life experiences and exposing our kids to a wide variety of youth sports and activities. We believe all children should have the opportunity to explore their interests and pursue the passions that match their unique personality.

For us it began with playing soccer when the boys were three years old. Along the way they tried lacrosse, ice hockey, basketball, tennis and golf. For one reason or another, soccer stuck. Not only did it stick, it became a passion. Eat, Sleep, Live Soccer…that was our kids.

From about seven years on, our boys didn’t want to play other sports other than the occasional round of par 3 golf. With a history in school counseling and competitive sports, both team and individual, we were hopeful that our kids would choose a variety of sports in the younger years to keep their interests varied, prevent burnout and achieve the physical benefits that come from playing multiple sports, such as working different muscle groups and prevention of overuse injuries.

Sometimes you can guide or help kids see a path but you can never choose it for them. Those “soccer only” years brought a lot of fun memories and a lot of life experiences for both the kids and us.

These days they’re playing soccer…and lacrosse…and mountain biking…and snowboarding…on their terms…because no youth sport should be a year-round commitment…period. You’re only a kid once. Enjoy it.

We hope that sharing our experiences will help others find balance and perspective while navigating the youth sports craziness.