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Author: Jacob

Nike Hypervenom Review

I’ve been playing in the new Nike Hypervenoms for a about month now. I love the design and colors. The Hypervenoms have a similar and supportive stud pattern as the CTR360s. The rounded studs should perform well on artificial grass. I like the touch and control the golf ball looking material provides. Their a light cleat which means more speed which is always good! Overall they’re a great cleat and I feel confident when I’m wearing them. I’m sure that’s why many pros including Neymar and Clint Dempsey wear them too. Try them...

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Bownet Soccer Goal

Do you or your child want to become the next Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar? Or maybe you just want to have fun?!? A great way to get extra touches, shooting practice or set up fun games in your backyard is with a Bownet soccer goal. This post contains affiliate links. Bownet Soccer Goals are great portable goals for coaches and kids who want to play as much as they can. They are a great option for playing anytime, anywhere. The goals come in different sizes, fold down easily and come with a travel bag for transportation to...

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The Wild Soccer Bunch

The Wild Soccer Bunch by Joachim Masannek This series is good for ages 9-11 and is about 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion.  The wild soccer bunch is mainly about a group a kids who love the game. In book one Kevin the Star Striker, it was spring break and the soccer field was covered in snow, and when it dried up all of them charged out to play. That’s when Mickey “the bulldozer” showed up and told them it’s our field but the soccer bunch did not move and they challenged Mickey and his gang to a match for the field. I think the first two books in the series more boys would like and the third more girls would like.  I liked that every time you stopped you wanted to find out what happens next and keep reading. If you like playing soccer I think you will enjoy reading these...

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