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Author: Mason

Real Madrid Bedroom

When I was given the opportunity to redecorate my bedroom I chose to create a Real Madrid themed room. I love soccer, I love Real Madrid and now I can officially say that “I sleep soccer” too. My room is a combination of items that I’ve made along with some things that I’ve bought including using old (too small) jerseys as hanging decoration. The Spain flag painting is an original done on canvas (30×40) with a little help from a projector and my parents. The Christiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, and team posters are from and you can purchase the...

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Ronaldo: Book Review

Ronaldo by Michael Part is a biography of Christiano Ronaldo, current soccer player and star for Real Madrid. The book covers his childhood up to his success as a pro soccer player and includes insights about some of his games.  Ronaldo is one of the best 1v1 players in the world and I enjoyed reading about how he has become such a great soccer player. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves the game of soccer or is a fan of Ronaldo and Real Madrid. This book made me want to learn his moves and work to be a better...

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Nike Soccer Cleats: T90 vs Mercurial

Mason: I like Nike cleats and used to wear Mercurials. If you have a wide foot get the Nike T90s. They also have more support and more studs on the bottom. If you like to curve the ball T90s have the rubber on the inside of the shoe and the laces are more to the outside of the foot. Nike Mercurials are skinny in the foot, feel like plastic and do not have a lot of support because they do not have many studs. I like the designs but they do not fit my foot that...

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